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Academic Programs


At Terra Lingua USA each student in our program becomes a part of our family. As a small organization, we know you by name, not number. We take our responsibility to you seriously but you must also take your program success seriously. It is up to you to make the most of your program.

We welcome you to the experience of a lifetime.

Public School

As a public school (J-1 visa) student, you will attend a public school anywhere in the U.S. While consideration is given for location requests, they cannot be guaranteed. It is more important that you are matched with the right family, wherever they may be. Host families are carefully screened to match your hobbies and interests and live near your school. In some cases you will bused to school, in others you may be driven or walk. You will be expected to follow all school rules as well as maintain good grades.

You may choose to enter our academic program for a term of 5 months (September to January or January to May) or for a full year (September to June). These programs require the J1 visa and are for full-time credit classes. You may only participate in this program for one year.

Short Term

Our short term academic programs are designed to give you a taste of studying in the U.S. without a long-term commitment. In most cases you can enter the program any time during the school year (Aug-June) and the program lasts 2-3 full months. This program is available with limited opportunities on a tourist (B1) visa as well as an F1 visa. With either visa, you will not gain credit for your classes but will be held to the same expectations as U.S. students.


  • Applications must be submitted no later than 10 weeks prior to requested start date.
  • Students in grades 7-12 may apply.
  • Students are placed in their current grade.
  • Credit will not be given.
  • Students must meet a minimum English proficiency test score.
  • All standard school immunizations will be required.
  • Tourist visa (B1) programs have a max of 18 hours of class time per week. F1 visa programs offer a full day of classes.

What kind of people will my host family be?
Terra Lingua USA host families are volunteers who are warm and caring people who gladly open their homes and hearts to students. They wish to learn more about foreign cultures and to share their family and lifestyle with their new son or daughter. As a member of the family, you will participate in all family activities including mealtimes, and assume the same responsibilities and family rules as your host siblings.

Families interested in hosting students in this program may chose, based on availability, gender, age, country, and length of placement. The academic program offers the best chance to build a friendship!

What kind of school will I attend?
You will attend a school near your new home. You will be expected to attend all classes, follow school rules, complete your homework, and maintain a minimum grade of C in every class. Because of the language barrier your first month or two may be difficult but you should never hesitate to ask for help from your teachers and host family. Your stay in the program depends on your academic success.

Host families are asked to assist their student with everyday school needs including homework and extracurricular activities.

What are the eligibility requirements?
- Student must be between the ages of 15 and 17 1/2
- Have studied English language at least two years; meet minimum English proficiency scores
- Possess a GPA of 3.0 or better
- Possess a mature, open and flexible attitude

What is expected of me?
Your host family will support you and assist you throughout your time in the program. You, in turn, will be expected to respect your host family and listen to their rules and expectations. Some of our expectations are:
- Students must always be respectful of their host family, Representatives, classmates, and school officials. Disrespect, verbal abuse, selfishness, chronic rudeness, lying, and slander will not be tolerated.
- Follow host family rules. This will include cleaning up after yourself and helping with chores.
- Your host family has not been paid to host you. They have volunteered wishing to promote international student exchange. Remember to show appreciation and use good manners.
- Have an open mind. Don’t judge whether the lifestyle is better or worse than what you are used to. Accept it as different and a learning experience for you.
- Communicate - Ask questions if you don’t understand.
- Be flexible and adaptable. Remember not to judge, but accept as different! Go with the flow!
- Make Friends - Take the extra steps to get to know people.
- Enjoy School - Be respectful of your teachers. Take your academic progress seriously

What kind of support network is available?
All students coming to Terra Lingua USA programs have a local Community Coordinator to assist them throughout the program. Additionally, access to the National Coordinator and National Office is available. Someone is always there to assist you. You will be able to count on them for any support you may need.

Host families are offered the same 24/7 support!

If you are interested in becoming an international exchange student and participate in our Academic Program, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 1.800.860.5942. We will forward your information to our partners in your country and they will contact you with the information regarding the application process.


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