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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my student speak English?
All Terra Lingua USA students have studied English for a number of years but in order to help them improve, host families are asked to speak to students in English only. Some students will be very fluent while others may have an accent. You should expect your student to improve their English language dramatically once they are immersed in school.

2. How much we will have to pay to host a student?
Hosting is free. You simply provide a place to sleep and study for your student and meals that are eaten at home. Student's natural parents are expected to pay for all travel costs and personal expenses. A $50 per month tax deduction can be claimed for each month you host.

3. What kind of support we get from Terra Lingua USA?
Terra Lingua USA is represented by a network of Community Coordinators. Your Community Coordinator is professionally trained and always available. Your Community Coordinator will contact you and your student at least once a month offering advice and support whenever needed.

4. Can we take our student on vacation with us?
We encourage our host families to involve students in all family activities. If you are planning a vacation we ask that you take your student along. Students will be required to complete the appropriate travel forms prior to departure.

5. What kind of activities our student can participate in?
We encourage all our students to be active members of their communities. In addition to sports and club activities, students are asked to participate in community service activities and make presentations about their own countries.

6. What about medical treatment?
All Terra Lingua USA students are provided with full coverage health insurance that covers any expenses should they require a visit to the doctor. Students receive a complete physical exam and submit a certified report from their doctor prior to their arrival.

7. Who do we contact in case of emergency?
Your Community Coordinator is your first point of contact. To contact our Administrative and Academic Programs offices, please visit our Contact Us page. Every host family will have access to the direct messaging in the Student Management System.

8. How do we get started?
To host a student please complete the inquiry form. You will be contacted by your Community Coordinator shortly.

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